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Member Area

This is our general information page for current and prospective members. 

HSA By-Laws

HSA Event Waiver Of Liability
Any person who is not a member of the Halifax Sailing Association and is embarked on an HSA vessel must complete and sign a "Waiver/Release of Liability" form prior to boarding the vessel. Forms may be obtained in the HSA pavilion or may be printed online.

Basic Club Rules

No recreational swimming from the beach or docks.
No diving or fishing from the docks.
Equipment used must be put away when done.
Shoes must be worn at all times.
No pets.
PFD’s to be worn when operating HSA boats.
HSA boats must be signed out and returned in the Boat Sign Out Log.
Use the buddy system (two-man rule) when sailing.
15 Knot maximum wind limit for HSA boats.
Night use of the facility is limited to scheduled meetings or club activities.

Member Login

This space will provide our members to the online portal for a variety of internal services. 

Check back soon for more details on accounts and access! 

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