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General membership entitles the member (and immediate family members) to the use of club boats and facilities.  New members who join after September 30 will be paid-up for the current year and the entire following year. Members may sail any boats that they are qualified to sail as often as they wish without additional charge.


per year


A discount is available for full time undergraduate students providing the same benefits of a basic membership at a reduced rate.

While HSA takes no stance on liveaboard boaters on the Halifax River, we do not allow those boaters to become members and use HSA's facilities as if we were a commercial marina. There are numerous commercial marinas close to HSA that support liveaboard boaters and provide enhanced protection for vessels when severe weather moves across our region. We recommend liveaboard boaters choose one of these marinas. HSA also requires its members with boats anchored or moored in the vicinity of our facility to abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations including but not limited to vessel registration or documentation, and insurance, and be able to provide proof of such upon request by HSA. When severe weather threatens, members are expected to make adequate storm preparations as dictated by prudent seamanship, which may include moving an anchored/moored vessel to a marina until the severe weather has passed. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in cancellation of membership."


per year


Gold is in addition to Active Participating General or Student Members who wish to keep one approved yacht tender or sail boat on a trailer in sailable condition in a designated spot on club property. 


per year


Silver is in addition to Active Participating General or Student Members who wish to keep one approved sailing dinghy on a dolly in a designated storage area on club property. 

Statement on Anchored
or Moored Vessels

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