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HSA Sailing School

In the early days, experienced sailors volunteered their time to teach kids and non sailors how to sail.  Many of the best sailors in the Halifax area learned to sail as kids in home built plywood Optimist Prams.  As the club grew, more volunteers developed a formal training program.  Several years ago the Halifax Youth Sailing affiliate organization was formed to better serve our young sailors.  Today HYS conducts summer sailing camps and a year round Sailing Team.

Each summer HSA offers Adult "Learn To Sail" Sunfish courses and Adult Intermediate Capri courses.

The spirit of volunteerism is still present in the HSA Sailing School. However, the HSA Sailing School and all the volunteer instructors are fully certified by the United States Sailing Association, the governing body for the sport of sailing in the United States.

Beginner Course

Adult Sunfish Sailing Classes 
(4 Day Class*)

If you want to learn to sail, this course is the very best way to do it. In small Sunfish sailboats, our US Sailing certified instructors will introduce you to the sport of sailing.


On the first day you will learn how the wind moves the boat, safety procedures, a few knots, how to right a capsized boat and to safely sail from our beach and return. On subsequent days you will learn basic sailing maneuvers, how to trim your sails and rules of the road.


Finally on the last day of class you will rig your boat, sail up and down the Halifax River with your fellow students and return to our beach. You will have progressed from Landlubber to Sailor.


Boat: Sunfish - this is a one person sailboat, 14 ft. long with one sail


Prerequisite:  You must know how to swim and be in good physical health.  You will get wet the first day!

Cost: $250 for the entire course

Class size: 8-10 students

Class sessions: 9 AM to 4 PM each day


*All four days must be completed to successfully finish the class. If you cannot attend both weekends, please choose dates that will allow you to complete the entire course in the manner dates are organized.

Intermediate Course

Adult Capri Sailing Classes
(2 Day Class)

If you are new to sailing and have the basics but feel that your learning curve has flattened out or if you have been sailing for a while and would like to take your skills to the next level, this course may be for you.

In the classroom our US Sailing certified instructors will introduce some of the more technical aspects of sailing including sail shaping and sail balance.

On the water in our Capri 14.2 sloops, you will learn crew coordination and how to get the most out of your boat; refining skills previously learned and adding more advanced sailing maneuvers.

Boat: Capri 14.2 - this is a two/three person sailboat with two sails

Prerequisite:  Students must have basic sailing ability, be able to swim, and be in good physical health

Cost: $250 for the entire course

Class size: 6-8 students

Class sessions: 9 AM to 4 PM each day


Halifax Youth Sailing

Halifax Youth Sailing is dedicated to teaching your kids to sail. Sailing is fun but also requires proper training since it involves water, speed, and moving structures. Our Instructors are US Sailing Certified to teach sailing safely to all ages.  Instructors are also certified in CPR and first aid to ensure the safety of all participants. 

HYS offers a Summer Sail Camp, where children aged 10-17 can learn to sail in one week.  The new sailors have an opportunity for non-stop fun in, on and around the water in a safe, clean, outdoor environment. No experience necessary. Over the duration of the course, students will progress through the ranks from Seaman to Skipper.

Click here for more information on Summer Sail Camp.


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