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Officers - 2024

Key Largo _ LH at helm only.jpg


Lisa Herbster


First Vice Commodore

Keith Amaro

Chris Sinnett - Cropped.jpg

VC - Education and Training

Chris Sinnett

Kathy DeLand.jpg

VC - Events

Kathy Sinnett

Kathy Sinnett started her sailing days by crewing for her dad on Snipes in Wisconsin.  Over the years, she has sailed ice boats in Alaska and met her husband, Chris, while racing big boats (against each other). Through her years on the water, whether racing or cruising, Kathy has appreciated the camaraderie in sailing communities. She is happy to serve as the Events Vice Chair and the Captain of the Windward Women's program to promote a welcoming and fun atmosphere at the Halifax Sailing Association.

Dan Biringer.jpg

VC - Fleet

Dan Biringer


VC - Membership

Chuck Wright



Caroline Martin



Tonya Sands


Past Commodore

Pete Burg

Dave  11-11-23.jpg

Halifax Youth Sailing

Dave Dunn


Sailing Club at ERAU

Chris Herbster

Faculty Advisor & Board Member

ERAU Offshore Team Photo.png


Offshore Sailing Team

Chris Herbster 

Faculty Advisor

Steven Chaco

Board member

The Embry-Riddle Offshore Sailing Team has a common goal to educate students on how to safely operate, sail, and competitively race sailboats over 20 feet. The club owns an Evelyn 32-2 performance racing boat that competes in local races and conducts free lessons for students and faculty. Additionally, the offshore sailing team is a member of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association and competes in regattas across the United States in the northeast and midwest.

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