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Our Small Boat Fleet

Our Fleet

Our fleet composition varies with time as we acquire and retire vessels. Check with the Fleet Vice-Commodore for specific up to the minute information for a particular boat.  Since we are a small boat club we have quite a few small centerboard/dagger-board dinghies.  We also have a few multihulls and keelboats accessed via our floating concrete dock.


Our Small Boats

These boats are our dinghies and cats... they are 13' to 19'. If you are an experienced sailor, you may qualify to sail the dinghies by having a helpful member show you how we rig each specific boat and by having that member observe you sailing from our beach until he or she is satisfied that you are capable of safely sailing that vessel. If you are new to sailing, you may take one of our Adult Sunfish “Learn to Sail” classes given each summer.

Each of these boats is available on a first-come... first-serve basis. You, the member, will oversee the boats maintenance before and after you sail the boat. Should there be a problem with any one of these boats and you are capable of fixing the problem... please fix it. If not, try to get another club member to help or at least make a note of the problem in the maintenance section of the boat signout log. You may also notify the Fleet VC of any unresolved maintenance problems.

Keep in mind that the makeup of our fleet varies as we acquire and retire boats.

Sunfish (15+) 

This little sailboat has been around since the 1950's and is the most popular sailboat ever built.  It is the boat we use for our adult "Learn To Sail" classes.  It is fun to sail and easy (and quick) to rig--what's not to like?

Usually sailed by one person but can be sailed by an adult and youth or two youth.

LOA 13.75'   Beam 4'   Weight 120#  How to rig a Sunfish.

Capri 14.2 (4)

This fine day sailor can accommodate two or three people.  It is sloop rigged and with its retractable centerboard, can easily be sailed off our beach.  

 LOA 15'   Beam 6'   Weight 340#  How to rig a Capri 14.


Flying Scot (2)

This popular day sailor/racer packs a lot of room and versatility into 19 feet. Although it is usually sailed by 2 or 3 sailors, its large cockpit can accommodate 8 adults.

LOA 19'   Beam 6' 7"  Weight 850#  Rigging Video (youtube)

Hobie 16

This popular Hobie Cat is usually sailed by two people.

 LOA 16' 7"  Beam 7' 11"  Weight 320#

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