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Sailing School Instructors

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Lisa Herbster


I've been sailing since I was a young kid. My dad learned how to sail when I was about 10. I watched him try to figure it out and taught myself how to sail. The next summer, my mom signed me up for Sunfish Sailing lessons. Every summer after that I returned to where I learned to sail and assisted where I could. When I turned 16, I was finally able to teach Sunfish sailing for the town of Southampton on Shinnecock Bay, on the South Shore of Long Island. It was the best summer job! One I held all through high school and college (7 or 8 summers). My husband, Chris, and I met in college because of the sailing team. We've been sailing together for 32 years and love sharing this passion with our two kids, Caroline and Brian. My family and I have lived and sailed in the Daytona/Halifax area for 20 years. After taking time to raise my family, I'm glad to return to teaching what I love - Sunfish sailing!

Keith Amaro

Vice Commodore

As an avid sailer since 1978 living in San Francisco, I learned how to navigate the challenging waters of the bay and fell in love with the sport.  At 12 years old, I wanted to know all about sailing and soon it was in my blood.  My family owned a Catalina 22 and I sailed it often.

After moving to Florida, I discovered the Halifax Sailing Club and quickly joined as a member.  I am a flight instructor at Epic Flight Academy and knew that I wanted to instruct sailing as well.  I completed the Sailing Instructor Course and look forward to inspiring others. 


Pete Burg

Past Commodore 

I really learned to sail when I joined a sailing club in Delaware about thirty years ago. I could say I've been sailing for thirty years but the Delaware club only sailed for six months each summer so maybe I've only been sailing for fifteen years. I was so happy when I found HSA after moving here five years ago. HSA is a wonderful club and not just for its affordability. The members are a great group of people willing to work at the club and help other members. I'm a boat captain, Instructor and Board of Directors member. I love teaching and really enjoy the Adult Sunfish and Capri classes.

Wesley Treco


I took my first sailing lesson on a Hobie in 1993 on a beach in the Bahamas.  I've been hooked ever since.  Life interrupted my sailing bug for a few years but because of HSA I have been able to enjoy a passion I have missed for too many years.  HSA is full of people willing to help anyone at all levels of sailing. It is the best club around!  I hold US Sailing Small Boat Instructor certification and ASA Keelboat Bareboat Captain Certification.

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